How do I stop records being split across pages in a report?

(Edited to remove now-superfluous details of the journey to find the answer.)

Imagine a simple name/ rank/ serial number database. One field for each of those. (Serial number as primary key, I suppose, if it matters?)

I want a (crude!) report…




(There is a horizontal line in the design of the report, at the top of the “detail” section, represented above by the three hyphens.)

One line for each field. Not because I’d do a report like that, but because it’s necessary to my question.

Sometimes a record is “broken” across two pages.

(For those who struggle with this, and can’t see the properties: Use View/Properties to turn the properties sidebar on. Be sure nothing is “selected”, THEN click on the “Details”… “section indicator”? (at the left, between “Page Header”, “Page footer”… THEN you’ll see the properties of the details section. (In the Properties sidebar, the name will be “Details”.)

When I used the wizard to create the report, I didn’t request any grouping or sorting. (P.S. And this is the way to go… but, see answer, you then need to do MORE, after the wizard has created the “first draft” of your report.) The report reported the results of a query. When the report is edited, there is a “Keep together” property for the “Detail” section, but initially the only choices are “Yes and No”.

image description

The “With detail” grouping (suggested in early answer) is not (yet) available.

It doesn’t matter whether the report is based on a form or query. Same issues and same answer.

This in Windows 10 / LO / Embedded Firebird.


Edited 2021-05-13:

Set up a group header - don’t need any printing in it. My test was set at 0.20" height. In that grouping set the Keep together as Total Group (as I could figure out ways to error with with first detail).

All previous images deleted cause they seemed to not help.

Here is sample → ReportTogether.odb

Apologies to all. Still looking for:

and “With detail” grouping (suggested in earlier answer)

but can’t seem to find that earlier answer.

When I said “… in earlier answer”, I was referring to the “With First detail” in the very helpful, no room for confusion, screen shot that you posted, just above your words "Tested with various Detail heights and field… ", not far above where I am trying to put this explanation of what I seeing when I try these things. And it appears in your kind check that on your system it works the same way under Windows, i.e. your edit of 2021-05-13. I’ve edited my original question to refine it there and elsewhere. Thank you by the way for challenging my over wordy question the other day about a different matter. That is now much reduced.

I’ll understand if you’ve had enough… that’s fair. Thank you for struggling with this with me thus far.

Ratslinger saves the day again!

The answer lies in using grouping, as he says. The secret lies in knowing that you do NOT apply the grouping while using the wizard to “rough out” your report. (That seems to be a different sort of grouping.)

You edit the report after finishing with using the wizard to start it. Use “View/ Sorting and Grouping”. See Ratslinger’s answer for the details.

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