How do I sum a set of specific values per column along a range within a row if the corresponding column's cell isn't blank?

I have an array of cells. Each column has a corresponding numerical value. Within each row, a cell may contain text. I need to sum up the corresponding values for each row from the numbers pertaining to each column if the corresponding cell contains any text.

Given column values in B1:G1, in A2 and below use the formula =SUMIF(B2:G2;"*";B$1:G$1).

EDIT: Choose menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate, and check Enable wildcards in formulas.

See LibreOffice Help on SUMIF

See sample file.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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For some reason, "*" isn’t working on my sheet. I’m certain I’ve followed these steps, however.

This is the exact formula I have in cell BK4: =SUMIF(D4:BJ4,"*",D$2:BJ$2) The value, however, remains at 0 when it should be 10 (1+1+4+4).

Just added a second paragraph to the answer.

I’m afraid “Enable wildcards in formulas” is already enabled.

Values in B1:G1 (as in the sample file), are numbers or numbers as text?

Press Ctrl+F8: if values are blue they are numbers; if black, are text. Tell us (press Ctrl+F8 again to revert to normal colors). If they are numbers, click edit below your question and use the paper clip to upload a sample file (remove all sensible data before).

Alternatively: Select the four cells, and look at the status bar (just to the left of the zoom bar): it they are numbers must show Sum: 10.