How do I switch between documents on a Mac?

I’m using LO on my mac. Because LO only displays one application in the dock even if I’ve got Writer and Calc opened, how do I switch between documents? alt-tab doesn’t work because that only allows me to switch between open applications.

So, if I’ve got two LO Writer documents open, what’s my keyboard shortcut for switching between them?

The shortkeys for switching windows within an application on Mac are Cmd + `, or Cmd + Shift + `.

That’s Command-GraveAccent, next to 1, not Command-Apostrophe.

On a Mac you can put the two documents on two screens (aka desktops or spaces) and switch between those spaces. First call the spaces overview with F4 then drag and drop on of your documents onto a space next to the one you are actually working in.
Switching between the spaces works with ctrl + leftarrow and ctrl + rightarrow.
I admit this is a osx workaround and not a LibreOffice shortcut. But it works fine.
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