How do I switch from landscape to portrait print mode LibreOffice version 6.2.7)?

Trying to print a text page, and the only option given is landscape. There were some workarounds given for earlier versions… latest answer, from 2018, was switch to A4 mode. When I did that, the page DID change to portrait, but my copy disappeared, and when I tried to print to my Brother laser printer, it said no page was selected. It’s a 1-page doc. I tried “all pages” “current page” and “page 1,” none of which worked. I’m on Mac, OS 10.13.6. Printer drivers are up to date. Umm, ideas, please? Thanks!

There have been a number of problems with Mac printing portrait. As this appears to be a Mac problem, LibO can only try to provide work around. However, it is vital to give some relevant background such as.

What language setting are you using? Hence what is the page size you are trying to print? Is this American letter or International A4? What are your Page settings? The more information you provide, the more helpful others can be to your frustrating problem.

As you will have seen, there have been other questions on this topic.

I normally work in American English (I’m in California). However, one of the workarounds was to change the page size from Letter to A4. Apparently that worked for some people (maybe with different printers?). When I did it, that’s when it started telling me no page was selected.
The first workaround I tried, based on another response to this question from a couple years ago, was to change “all pages” to either of the other choices in the “More” drop down menu in the print dialogue box. It was supposed to refresh the print dialogue box and correct the page orientation. It did refresh, but nothing changed. Please let me know if there’s any other info I can add to this…! Thanks in advance for ANY help.

I just figured out a workaround that DOES work for me! Exporting the doc as a PDF, using the “Export as PDF” command under the “File” menu. Saving as a PDF from the print dialogue won’t do it. Exporting keeps the portrait orientation, which I can then print normally from Acrobat. So until there’s a fix, that’s probably what I’ll be doing…