How do I switch from multiple page view in Writer to single page view?

I have a Writer text document that I want to display one page at a time; currently, it displays multiple pages (and I don’t . I’ve looked for the Multiple Page icon, but I can’t find it. There’s nothing on the View menu that helps, even though there’s supposed to be something there. How can I fix this Operator Error?

Problem solved. View > Zoom > Zoom… > Single Page.

Sorry, but in my Libre Office Writer there is not such Button “Single Page” in View > Zoom

You may find that the STATUS BAR which displays PAGE VIEW to display PAGE VIEWS, DISPLAY and change PAGE SIZE, LANGUAGE and STYLE to be useful. Especially if you like to modify them. Use VIEW > STATUS BAR to cycle the line at the bottom of the screen.

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Thanks, problem solved, I found it at the bottom of the page