How do I switch the X and Y axes in a Calc Chart?

I’m a little surprised at how long it’s taken me to figure out something that I would think is pretty easy to do… When I make a chart the X axis has a total number from column B and the Y has a percentage from column A.

How do I switch these two? In other words, how do I associate the data in column A with the X axis and the data from column B with the Y?

Any spreadsheet expects the first column to be X and the second Y.

That said, just right click on the chart, click on Data Ranges, Click on the Data Series tab and then change the ranges for the X-values and Y-values. You can manually edit or click on the button to the right to select it with the mouse.

I made a chart a while back, but realized that it would be easier to read with the axes switched. I found a pretty easy way to do it that did not have anything to do with Data ranges - I made a new sheet in the same document, highlighted the data I wanted to switch, copied, and used paste special in the new sheet. In the options under “paste special” there is a checkbox “transpose”. I clicked that and hit okay, and voilà, the info that was in the x axis is now in the y, as I wanted.

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Another option is to swap temporarily the columns in the sheet before you create the chart. After the chart is complete, swap back the columns.