how do I tag a LibreOffice writer a .odt file?

I was told online to use “Smart Tag” extension, But I cannot find Smart Tag I think it is longer available.

Not sure, my friend is paying to publish a book. The company wants the documents “Tagged” (not renamed) ***1, ***2, and so on, to match up with the pictures.
If “Description” is the same as “Tagging” MS word then it will work.
Thank-you I will try that.

Soooo, I tried “Description” and is different than Tagging a “writer” document. In windows 10 it not possible to “tag” a LibreOffice Writer Text. The “Tag” spot is there But when you tap on it and it highlights blue, but nothing happens. In MS Word (2000) when you tap on it it highlights blue and opens a text box that allows you to type your tag. But I really like LibreOffice.

You can specify keywords in the File>Properties menu in the “Description” tab. Is that what you are looking for?