How do I truly delete rows and columns, like in Google Sheets?

And no, I don’t mean the standard “Delete Rows” and “Delete Columns” options that appear when you right click a row or column header.

Those DON’T delete the rows or columns, only their contents.

I want to actually delete rows and columns. Gone. Poof. Removed.

YES IT DELETEs THE ENTIRE ROW|COLUMN[S] but obviously the next Row|Column[s] below|right will move up|left, as everybody except you will expect.

Propably, YOU want to hide the Row|Columns[s]

Well, that’s a start… Kind of… But then you scroll, and it makes more anyway, and you’re locked in a battle. Scroll, hide, scroll, hide, scroll, hide…


select first Row to hide, hit <ctrl><shift><end><arrow-down> select →hide in Contextmenu

When you right-click the row header you get a menu that gives you some options :

** Delete Selected Rows

** Delete Row Contents

Each command does as it says .

Same thing with the columns .

Addition to my answer

After reading your comments :

  1. Check this image .
    Is that what you are looking for ?

  2. To do this , you have to select the rows and hide them ,

and then select the columns and hide them .

  1. Selecting rows 9 till end of file is done like karolus wrote :

selecting header of row 9 , then pressing shift+ctrl+end+arrow down .

  1. In selecting columns , you press shift+ctrl+end+arrow left .

  2. All the information in the hidden cells still exists there ,

and you don’t get smaller size files just because you don’t exhibit some cells .

  1. What possessed you to think that someone didn’t bother to read your question
    before answering it ?

My English is as bad as your English !

Read the question please.

IMO, the functionality of a cloud based spreadsheet is different than a spreadsheet program that runs on a computer. With Google Spreadsheets, the rows are deleted and appear to be (and probably are) removed from the spreadsheet. I would guess this means less data needs to be transferred from the server to your browser. Perhaps even blank rows/columns have some information, or perhaps ARE the information to be transmitted.

With LO on your computer, the file size isn’t affected with one million empty rows.

In Excel online in an empty spreadsheet, as I page down there is a “WORKING” displayed in the bottom left of the window. So it must be transferring data even with empty rows.

As for LO, I concur with the other two answers, right clicking on the header for the row/column, delete row/column, deletes everything in the row/column including the formatting and the contents.

Makes sense they’d do that to have less data transfer.

But regardless, I want it for UI / UX; I hate having all those extra rows/columns.

@Ejraiel, you’re wrong, there are no extra rows and columns since at least Excel 2016, LO and all versions spend RAM for data that exists, which is different from Google Docs which uses a database; I don’t think any spreadsheet software (Google Docs not counted) in the world saves empty cells, and LO/OOo and Excel certainly never did. You can easily have too many rows and columns in Google Docs, which’ll easily exhaust the Web browser’s and CPU’s performance …

… although the Internet connection not so much. What you see in the 3 mentioned softwares is just all cells you can possibly have, all empty.