How do I turn images back on when there is no image icon on toolbar?

Hi, help instructions indicate there is an image icon on the toolbar which toggles images on and off. Somehow my images got turned off so I just get an empty frame. I cannot locate an image icon on my toolbar and see no other available toolbars which might have it. How do I find an image icon to turn images back on?

From the Menu > View - clicking on Images toggles the showing of the Images,


As @peterwt said recent versions include ViewHide Images menu.

If this menu entry is not available in your version you will find the option in ToolsOptionsLibreOffice WriterViewDislayGraphics and objects.


There is an OpenGL/OpenCL bug which causes images not to show. If you had bothered to indicate your LO version and OS as requested that may have helped further. See Q64314.