how do i turn off overwrite in libre write

I seem to be stuck in an overwrite mode when I try to edit a “writer” document “odt” file. I need to turn off that feature.


Two methods -

  • Insert key toggles Overwrite

  • In Status Bar near center should see Overwrite - click on it. It is also a toggle. If status bar is not visible it can be turned on from menu - View->Status Bar

It just worked as promised though I still can’t find any “overwrite” icon in the middle of the Status Bar.

Works for me —

image description

FWIW, up to v6.4.7.2 at least, “Overwrite” is only in the status bar if already in “Overwrite” mode, otherwise it is blank.

And if you click on that blank area, “Overwrite” will appear. The question and answer were about turning OFF Overwrite.


Thank you - I was not aware of that functionality. No criticism intended.