How do I type on LibreOffice in arabic (OS: Ubuntu)


I am new to Ubuntu and a friend installed LibreOffice for me. I wanted to write in arabic and i went through the motions, system settings added arabic and moved it up, done. Went back to LibreOffice then Tools, Options, languages activated arabic. Then I went to the bottom of the window and selected arabic. Still it types in english! I made sure that the font is arabic font, nothing!

Can anyone help? Thanks

Check this post on “How to setup LibreOffice for Arabic and Persian?” It describes the process.

This is not a specific answer. You need to ensure you have OS-level support for:

  • Language (which you suggest you do).
  • Font (which again, you suggest you do)
  • Appropriate keyboard layout (which you don’t mention).

Then you additionally need to ensure LO-level support:

  • Language pack (which you do not appear to mention). Where the language pack is and how you get it will depend upon whether you have installed LO from the Ubuntu repository or by downloading directly from the website.
  • Language settings (which have possibly partially done). Refer my answer here for Telugu.
  • Default font use (which you have possibly done).