How do I uninstall LibreOffice?

I have managed to get my LibreOffice installation completely bricked and need to completely uninstall it and reinstall. So far I haven’t managed to do this successfully.

Can someone help me out on this?

Many thanks,

Steve Farber
Reynoldsburg, OH

What operating system?

Make sure that it isn’t the user profile playing tricks on you. Reset that before you re-install the program - it’s less work, and if that’s the real problem, re-installing won’t help you.

Btw, it helps if you tell what operating system you have. In Windows you can uninstall a program from the Control Panel - Programs and features. I don’t know how it’s done in Linux or on a MAc.

Thanks. The regular mechanisms for uninstalling aren’t working. I bricked it, somehow and need to scour it off of my machine and start again, but thanks.

@Steven2, just install it again.

@ floris v wrote: I don’t know how
it’s done in Linux or on a MAc

In Mac OSX drag the icon to trash and you’re done!