How do I uninstall without loss of my documents?

Libre Office had to be uninstalled. Before I reinstall; where did my documents listed in Libre Office go? I want to know if all documents stored via Libre Office are lost when Libre Office is uninstalled? I had an msvcr.101.dll problem.

I have searched for the files as *.odt. I have started undeletes. Nothing so far.

Why ask if I have an answer?

Your paranoia is frightful!

I applaud your caution, but rest assured, LibreOffice does not delete documents when it uninstalls. Nevertheless, I would trust, but verify; find all my files and back them up before uninstallation, regardless.

In LibreOffice, do Tools | Options | Paths so see where your default location for documents of all kinds are stored. Of course, you can override that location every time you save, so not only would I look globally for ODT but also all the other formats which Office can read and save.