How do I unlink the header and footer info between sections in Writer?

I made different sections in LibreOffice Writer; however, I do not see how to unlink the header and footer info between sections. I have searched online, but the menus and tabs in the various tutorials are nothing like my version–it’s apparently changed a lot.

Also, is there a way NOT to insert that odd text field at the beginning of each section?

I am using Version: (x64, Windows 10)

Thank you, Vince

Section has a specific definition in Writer (different from M$ Word): it is a part of a page with a different layout (mainly number of columns).

Header and footer are attributes of page styles, not of sections.

I think that you in fact divided your document into parts (the common sense meaning for “sections”) for which you want different headers/footers.

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is there a way NOT to insert that odd text field

What do you mean? Which field? (there are dozens of them)

Maybe you meant to insert what is called a “Section Break” in Word? Insert > More Breaks > Manual Break and select a different page style. Header and footer can now be different to the previous page style

That odd text field is the section that you just inserted. That can be different, to the rest of the page, e.g. have two columns in a single column page.

You are both right. I had trouble getting out of the MS Word mindset. Once I stopped messing with sections and started studying pages styles I found what I needed. Thank you.

Different tool, different terminology.

What M$ Word calls a section (break) is a change in page characteristics, such as header, footer, columns, …

In LO Writer, everything related to a page, such as margins, header, footer, base number of columns, … is stored in a page style. You need a special page break to change page style. Note that contrary to M$ Word, Writer changes happens after a page break and can’t be effective inside the middle of a page.

If you need a temporary change in number of columns or enlarging/shrinking margins (this additional space positive or negative is called an indent), without changing other parameters, this is done with a section which is immediately in effect (does not need a page break). A section resides inside a page (may extend on several pages though) and the rest of the layout/formatting is inherited from the page style.

To learn the details and find terminology definition, download and read the Writer Guide.

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