How do i update LO 5.0 portable to LO5.5?

I’m using LO 5.0 Portable on a usb drive (Works Fine) I want to upgrade to LO5.5 Portable, How do i do that? Tks for any help!! DN

If you are using the Windows version obtained through, then updates are handled the same for virtually all PortableApps. Either use the PortableApps menu system to update automatically, or download the LibreOffice paf file and launch it from the options menu of the PortableApps menu. “Install” it to the same directory as the current version. However, I note that the current version available through is 5.1.0 for the Fresh version and 5.0.5 for the Still version.
Detailed information at: Upgrading LO

Explained perfectly! I didn’t know if I had to create a new folder on my USB but you answered all my questions!! Very nice of you, Tks - DN

My pleasure.