How do I update the date for each weekday when the weekdays are in fixed columns?

I have a fixed set of seven columns for each day of the week…Monday through Sunday. I need to automatically update the current date for each day of the week. Using the Today() function and adding seven doesn’t work in this case because the days of the week are fixed for each column, kind of like a planner week. Does anybody know how to do this easily? I have the feeling I am overlooking something simple.

Is it a one month calendar?

Actually it is a legacy spreadsheet that covers one week. It is updated with activities, meetings, to do’s, etc. which are entered in each row. I seems such a simple problem to automatically update the weekday dates, but I am having a hard time coming up with a good solution. I realize an integrated planner would probably be better but it is what it is and I am stuck with it at the moment.

Do you mean that you need to display the dates of the current week? The one that includes TODAY()?

To first cell of week (for example B3)


To next cell (C3)


and so on

And set format code as “NN, D MMMM”

Thank you! This worked perfectly.