How do I use a formula

image description Hi Newbie here. I’m not sure how to title this but I attach a spreadsheet of how it is setup (on top) and how I need done (at the bottom). I need to move values in each row C, D, E etc… and insert them under each other under B2 and C2. I have 10,000 rows to setup this way. I have googled this every way I could think of and could not find anything.

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Your question is incomprehensible. Please describe exactly how you proceed and what you want to achieve. You can upload a screenshot or the calc file here. If you want to learn something about Calc, please have a look at the documentation:
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@Gbon: Your question is very confusing. You speak of “rows” C,D,E, but in a spreadsheet it is normal for the columns to be labeled C,D,E, while the rows are labeled with numbers. After you have studied the documentation suggested by @Hrbrgr you might try again to describe your problem. It is possible that you don’t need a formula at all and that you can do what you require by using the Copy and Paste commands.

@Gbon: Are you trying to transform a row of data (C1,D1, E1, … ) into a column of data (B2, B3, B4, …)??

Hi Folks sorry about the question i was a little frustrated at the time and very sorry. what i have is a CSV file with Attributes from my product wholesale. What I am trying to do is move cells in multiple columns under a single column. I attached a sample of my attributes file. The top 10 rows is how i get the file and below the yellow lines is how my website imports the Attributes to attach it to the products. actually after i get it in two columns i need to merge them in this way (Name:value:position) but i know how to do that with =CONCATENATE.

Rather than a formula, you might be able to accomplish this easily using a “macro” set of commands. Have you read the documentation on macros? You could start with Run-Time Functions - LibreOffice Help , but there might be more recent sources. (I have no experience using macros so can’t help in this area.)

No I am not familiar with macros I will definitely check out the link you posted.

Is it for Presta import? Can you please post as a comment, how your final import csv lines shall look like for a multiple SKUs?