How do I use ms excel macros in Calc

I have been using MS Excel and now want to use LibreOffice (cost). Calc shows me the spreadsheets (its a junior bowling league) but I cannot “see” the macros are in the MS system. Is it and if yes, how do I get to use the original macros which are quite complicated and work well. Thanks. Gary

To see the macros, go to Tools → Macros → Organize Macros → LibreOffice Basic. However LibreOffice Basic is not the same language as Excel VBA, and the API is very different between the two suites. So most likely you will need to rewrite the macros for LibreOffice to get them to work.

For complex macros, rewriting in Python-UNO is probably better than LibreOffice Basic. It’s usually worth it to take the time to learn Python if you have only used Basic before.

Even when using Python, the resources at are still essential for learning how to write LibreOffice macros.