How do I use my Wacom Intuos tablet to input text in Libre Office

I have Libre Office version and got a Wacom Intuos pad and pen specifically to make it easier for my wife to input text. How do I get the two to work together? In other apps the handwriting box pops right up on the screen, but not in Libre Office. Is there a setting that is blocking this function? Any help is appreciated!

I am basically hoping to be able to use the Wacom tablet & pen to convert handwriting to text in a LO document. Since my wife got several fingers in a chop saw accident, it is easier for her to write with a pen than run a keyboard. Does anyone know if this is possible?

LO gets its input from the OS keyboard abstraction. Handwriting is a sequence of moves (a sequence of coordinates) which must be translated into shapes and then recognised by some sort of OCR. This is beyond the capacities of LO. What you need is an intermediate layer intercepting data from the Wacom, interpreting it and sending keyboard events to the OS. This is very OS-specific. Which is yours?

How do you get the other apps to work with the Wacom?

Problem solved!! I am operating Win10 Pro and discovered I only need to turn on the “Show Touch Keyboard Button” function on the taskbar and then I can turn on the “handwriting text box” in any app even LO. Works perfectly! Sorry for my stupidity.

You aren’t stupid (proof: you found a solution). When struggling with a problem, often the obvious is invisible.