how do I use photos from my phone

how do I use photos from my phone

This "explanation doesn’t explain anything. It merely repeats the title. How is it related to writer? What are you trying to do? Read these guidelines and edit your question to provide essential details.

very frustrating! a simple question and what a run around! sorry I used this platform, thinking of changing

This is not an answer to your rather cryptic “question”. Please understand this site is not forum (a time-ordered sequence of bits of a conversation) but a question-and-answer one (a single question with one or more solutions – only one allowed per user – ordered by relevance, not time of submission).

“Very frustrating” indeed! You seem to be asking a question but you tell us absolutely nothing about what it is that you are trying to do. And you don’t seem to realize that whatever answer might apply to your “question” almost certainly depends on which phone you are using, what operating system you are using, which version of LibreOffice you are using, etc etc etc. More details, please, so that we can help you.

Heh, and I was about to jokingly answer this like “how do I use photos from my phone” → “you view them, send to friends, publish to Instagram…” - imagine what reaction would that my joke provoke :slight_smile:

Yeah, humor is a funny thing. When recognized, it is usually appreciated. But not always. (Just joking.)