How do i view my documents on another computer

I have Libre Office on my laptop, I also have Libre Office on installed on an operating system on an external hard drive, is there any way I can view my documents from my laptop on another computer. My idea is that there should be a way you can sign into Libre Office by setting up an account so you could sign in on someone else’s computer and access documents I have on my personal computer.

Your idea is wrong. LibreOffice is not a remote access software; it’s an editor software. If you rollout an Online instance (that is a separate server-oriented product based on LibreOffice), then you could access documents on that server… but even then, logging in is done by other services installed and configured on that server.

If you need access to some documents from different systems, then you either share a directory on your system, or use some external resource to store your data, like GDrive, or host your own data sharing (like OwnCloud).

A bit harsh Mike, nevertheless your answer contains the bulk of what’s needed for an explanation, even though it may be better structured.

Thanks, my next quest is to see how to share to the cloud.

(I won’t comment on “LibreOffice As A Service”, and I surely wouldn’t allow remote access to files on my computer intentionally. I wouldn’t even grant remote access for service purposes to my best friend. Those who like to depend on “the net” completely and to create obscure ways of access probably, may prefer google baits.)

Like in many cases a reasonable answer depends on the size. Size? Yes. How many files do you need to have access to everywhere, and how big are they (total, maximum, average)? If the numbers are like “a few dozen GiB, 22 MiB, <5 MiB” my answer is "Use a portable version of LibreOffice on a movable hard drive or on a ‘Thumb Drive’ " I personally use an old 8 GiB stick this way for the “living” part of my files if I go on voyage, and the same stick has a portable Firefox, the portable Thunderbird I also use at home, and a selection of additional software. It works fine. However I am prepared to move all that to a “modern” 16 GiB movable device at some time within the next few years. I am not prepared to join the caravan of cloud enthusiasts.

From Middle Ages with regards.

Thanks for the suggestion, I do use portable apps such as web browsers and utilities. The only problem I have is that I am only running Linux distros these days, I will have to do a little research to see if it will work. Another suggestion involved using cloud services. I am new to using Libre Office so I am going to have to learn how to share to the cloud . Thanks again.

I presently haven’t a linux system for testing. However I tested LibreOfficePortable on a kubuntu with Wine to some depth a few years ago, and everything worked fine. The speed was reduced, but by an acceptable factor. Even the PortableApps platform (not needed!) installed and worked flawlessly. Same with LibO .paf. To run portable LibO from a stick you don’t need any intall, of course, but just Wine on the host.
Hopefully this didn’t degrade since.

To access the files on another computer depends on a lot of things.
First question; is it on a LAN (local home/work network)? If so, get yourself a NAS. Or share some folders/directories and open up your firewall for such local access. This setup has nothing to do with LibreOffice but is managed by the operating system (OS).

If you’re thinking about Wide Area (internet) access to your files, you have two options: Either you let other people handle this for you (and pay accordingly) or you dive into the deep pool and do it yourself. The former can be done via Dropbox, GoogleDrive and a myriad of other proprietary cloud solutions, or by getting access through someone running open-source Nextcloud/ownCloud instances. Easy, and is supposed to be managed by certified professionals 24/7.

The latter means you’d have to handle firewalling, access restrictions, get yourself a DNS/domain/fixed-IP and setup a server. A simple NAS can do it, but then there is the question whether exposing a NAS to the internet is such a good idea.

And to add a bit: In some countries, local telcos/ISPs do offer (limited) filesharing platforms with their subscriptions; often free up to a certain amount (f.x. 2Gb). Then you can access files on all your devices (phone, tablet, PC).

I am going to try the cloud route, thanks for the help.