How do I vote

I guess I’m just dense, but I’ve looked until I’m blue in the face, and for the life of me I simply cannot figure out how to VOTE. I’d like to give credit for the help I get here, and I think awarding votes is the way, or A way to do that, but I can’t find anything that tell me how.

You’re completely right, voting is the right way to give credit to an answer (or to a question, too!). But you need karma of at least 15 to upvote a question or answer…

Thanks everyone! By reading all the answers and putting them all together I now have a better idea of how to function here, and apparently know how to vote. Like everything else, it will get easier with time.

I just joined, & I am told I have 30 votes to use, but it seems I can’t use any of them because I need points to upvote!!!
Is this deliberately made too complex for simple folk like me to use?

While I do agree that the karma system is frustrating for first time users, the best way to give credit is by marking the answer that satisfies you as correct. If you do that you will increase the answerer’s karma and your own karma will also increase. As you continue to collaborate you will rapidly have enough karma to vote. If you are a one-time user, then karma is not really important :wink:

It’s just a question of Karma.

This site isn’t there to get helped. It behaves as if it were designed by geeks for geeks. You need to be an educated and trained IT people before getting help.

Added : When you first reach this site, ther’s a lot of surprising things, if you clic the “help” link on the top you get few and very general infos.
But the most important help, I got was from the FAQ and the link is almost hidden, in very small chars in the bottom of the screen.
I tried to upload a photo in my profile and it’s very difficult and again with very few explanation
Let’s hope, it will come in a next future
Apologizes for my first overeaction.

Final response

The original question was about voting.

It’s simple:

  • on the left side of each answer,
    there is a number (ranking) and a
    grey tick. You need a lot of Karma
    (i. e; reserved for geeks, not for
    rookies) to upvote or downvote a
  • Just below, you’ll find a grey sign
    (a tick ?) ; it’s clickable, and when
    clicked it becomes green.


    You got it!
    That’s how to vote.

You can test it on this answer.

I’m sorry but you do not need to be an IT Pro to get help in these forums, you simply need to have a clear and detailed question based on the situation that you are having and the ability to follow instructions. would be down voted if I had enough karma to do so as the is purely opinion

I’ll update my answer after reading this.

Ça avance … :wink:

I agree. I am new to Libre and really like it but as for this question help site I’m a little lost. There should be a tutorial on what is a Badge, how to vote, what is and how you get Karma, and where and what do you hit to do all this. I had received two emails on my very first question on here to Vote for the best answer…I have no idea what to hit or how to do that.

I think, my answer is now better, you can check if it works. Vote for it if you think it’s OK. Have a good day using LibO