How do the users here move a comment to answers?

This began in another question, trying to move a comment to answers, without sucess.

ajlittoz: Make your comment an answer
LeroyG: I’m not allowed
ajlittoz: it looks like you’ve done it
LeroyG: I deleted my comment after I copied it as an answer.
LeroyG: When I click on Move to Answers, it appear a dialog with You are not permitted to view the requested resource and an OK button. I remember to have moved a comment to answer, maybe on Windows. Now I am navigating with Firefox (78.7) on openSUSE Leap 15.1.
ajlittoz: same for me, I just checked (Firefox 93.0, Fedora 34)


What is the advantage of “moving” the comment instead of copying and pasting and then optionally deleting it?

By the way, I do see the option under admin actions, and no, it didn’t work for me either.

It’s supposed to be more user-friendly (one-click only).

We had a similar feature (but working!) under AskBot with “Repost as xyz”.

Presently, this site is not tidy at all. The difference between answers (solutions) and comments is not enhanced enough by CSS (or is it intrinsic to Discourse?). As I can see, most newcomers take this site as a forum, i.e. composed of interactive discussions, whereas we try to foster a Question & Answers paradigm. In a “pure” Q&A, questions get edited and refined until they are “complete” and self-sufficient so that a newcomer immediately grasps the gist of it without the need to read a thread. Same for answers.

I linked this question to my feedback topic.

Maybe it will keep its post order number and quote link (?) to later comments. Need to test (when it works).

One year, and still don’t work.
Here with Firefox 106.0 on Windows 10.0.
Later will test on Linux.

This is not a browser or OS issue. See Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse - Infrastructure - The Document Foundation Redmine and my reply at #note-65. This might be possible with the replacement plugin but it’s seems too early to deploy in production just yet. Can try on the stage instance though.