How do you add bullets to an already number-bulleted group of statements?

If I have a group of statements that were already number-bulleted form “number on”, how would I go about adding sub-bulleted statements “bullets on” and still be able to continue with my number-bulleted statements? For example, with “numbering on”:

  1. This is the 1st statement
  2. This is the 2nd statement
  3. This is the 3rd statement

How could I then add as a sub-bulleted statement (it is in “bullet on” and not “number on”:

“- This is the 1st sub-bulleted statement”

under statement #1 AND then continue adding a new statement #2 that will now push #2 to #3. I would like to have LibreOffice continue adding the numbers automatically and not re-start at #1.


Put the cursor at the end of the first item, and press <enter>, to create a new item.
This will initially create “2. …” in your list, but just press <tab> (when the cursor is at the start of the line, directly after the number) to move it down one level, and make it a subitem of the first.

To change from numbering to bullet style, go to “Format|Bullets and Numbering”, choose the bullet-style to use and click OK.

your second-level item will now change to bullet-style. Continue creating subitems with <enter> at the end of the line and those as well will have the bullet style (also the subitems you create under other toplevel elements)

Similarly, you can use <shift>+<tab> to move an entry up one level.