How do you align text in a form field

I have the text aligned to center in a query, but it doesn’t align to center on the form. I have Googled this and not found the answer. When I edit the form and click on a text box and then right click to alignment, there is no selection possible. Also the align button on the top tool-bar is grayed out.

Is there an easy way or ??

Alignment is found in the properties of a control. Right click the control & select Control (if a table, right the the column header & select Column). This brings up the properties dialog. You change alignment here:
image description

Please refer to the LO documentation for more information. It contains more specifics on properties.

The formatting toolbar is not active when working with controls. If you click on the form itself, it is available.

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Although posted in a comment on your first question, here is the location of the LO Base documentation - click here.

Thanks - but does this actually work?

I tried all four values for vertical alignment: default, top, bottom and middle

Whenever I edit the form field, while I select the form field, it is aligned middle. And when I leave it, it is aligned top.

I checked with several PDF readers, all show this same.

Maybe it depends on which operating system you are using or which LO version. Does it work in LibreOffice?

It does work within LO. But it doesn’t for the PDF export.
If you like I can send the form to you.

@traut - There is no reference to Vertical alignment in the answer. There is also no reference to ‘top, bottom and middle’. You may be looking at alignment of controls in toolbar.

I’m not aware of any toolbar which does define the alignment of text within a form field - but even if, how would it change the behavior?


Where did you find:

values for vertical alignment: default, top, bottom and middle

as this was not in the answer presented.

This was shown in the very first question: Screen-Shot-2019-08-15-at-09-51-46 — ImgBB

link text


Retracted my last comment by deleting it. Now realize the situation. This question is regarding Base. Your situation seems to be with Writer. The Text Box control in Writer does contain Vertical alignment but not when used in Base.

Best to ask as new question.

I don’t know where and how you do read the answers here - but I do see on this page a screenshot of the text box properties, comparable to my screenshot.

So I do understand that the text box properties are not the properties of the form field itself? A Text Box is not a form field for text?

So when I do enter text, it’s not within a form field but within a text box? Then how do I create a form field to enter text - since the form menu does offer this as “text box” form, but nothing else for text :
form menu

And still the question does remain: Why am I able to define horizontal alignment for this text box - which does work as expected. But I’m able to define vertical alignment for this text box, too - which does have no effect at all.


Have retracted my previous comment. Have found Vertical alignment in Base control (greyed out). Will try some testing with that.


Can confirm what you have stated. Vertical (only available with single-line text type), displays correctly on Form but PDF is always centered.

Best to file bug report → Bugzilla