How Do You Change The Encoding For Certain File Types?

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In Microsoft Word, when a file/document is opened and it has another type of encoding there will be a message that right away appears that lets you know that the file is of a different encoding. It will give you a list of encoding options to select so that the characters appear correctly.

Here is a screenshot to show what I am talking about:

image description

When I open files like this in LibreOffice it does not have any kind of message like this that appears. It just opens the file with the text being displayed as gibberish.

Is there any equivalent feature like this in LibreOffice that allows the user to change the encoding to open up those kinds of files?

Thanks in advance!

The way to specify an encoding to open with is File -> Open and then select Text -> Choose Encoding as the file type. Is there a way to set LO to open text files as UTF-8 or to default to txt (Choose Encoding)?

As a side note: Using a word processor for content which should be stored as plain text is often a bad idea. Most current plaintext editors (Windows “Notepad” included) support different encodings.

Please note: I am not saying that there are no sensible use cases. Merely an alert, just in case… Hopefully, the purpose in this case is not to edit the subtitles using Writer.