How do you change the indent on Avery labels

Even using the correct label number the names and addresses are too close to the edge of the label and on the third row over part of the words are off the label

Hi. I just discovered part of the answer, perhaps.

First, I had to create the labels checking the “Synchronize” checkbox on the Options tab (File>New>Labels). Unfortunately (and bizarrely, IMHO), there seems to be no functionality to “turn on” synchronization if you don’t do it at creation of the label document. If you didn’t do this already, discard your work and start again (sigh) (Synchronization allows you to format the first label and have its formatting applied to all the other labels.)

Next (editing the first label), I replaced all paragraph marks with hard returns (Shift-Enter), so that the entire label content is treated as one paragraph. Then I did a “Select>All” followed by “Format>Paragraph”.

The Good News is that increasing “Indent>Before text” (Indents & Spacing tab) indented the paragraph (i.e. all lines of the label); the label text was shifted to the right.

The Bad News is that increasing “Spacing>Above paragraph” did not shift the label text down, as I expected. (I would call this a bug, but…)

My workaround was to add a paragraph before the first line of the label, and increase “Spacing>Below paragraph”.

Hope this helps!