How do you create a hyperlink attached to a shape?

I want to use a rectangle object with shading to make a fancy button that stays in the header of each page for navigation back to the first page. Also, this must be exportable to a PDF because ultimately the document will be used on tablet PDF viewers.

LibreOffice Writer


  • Instead of a rectangle you can use a frame anchored to a paragraph of the header for it to be reproduced on each page applying this page style.
  • A hyperlink may be defined for a frame.
  • Hyperlinks Internal to a document can point to: tables, frames, images, objects, sections, headings, bookmarks.
  • Hyperlink syntax will depend on the type of target object. To know that syntax: InsertHyperlink▸Select Document on the left▸click the Target button on the right▸select the target, click Apply. In the screenshot below we can see the syntax to use to target a title (e.g. #1.One|outline).


  • Copy the Target link and paste in the URL zone of Hyperlink tab of the frame. Do not forget the leading # that can not be copied.
  • These links are preserved when exporting to PDF.

See this example.


You can hyperlink pictures.
Add your desired picture to writer/header.

Select Picture: Click in header to select header, then click picture to select picture, then right click selected picture and select “Picture” from the menu then, select the hyperlink tab, enter hyperlink.
When you export to a pdf the hyperlink should work fine.

Note: When the hyperlinked picture is in the header it acts a little funny. Normally for a picture defined as a hyperlink, you can open the hyperlink with a control-click. When it’s in the header it appears you need to control-double click, not sure why, suspect this is a bug. However, that strange behavior is not present in the pdf version!

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