How do you delete a Horizontal Line?

I am having difficulty removing a horizontal line in the middle of a Libre Office document. The line was created by automatic conversion of three special characters (hyphens) into a paragraph style border (lower edge).

I have tried suggestions from previous forums: Going into Format - Paragraph - Borders and hitting Set No Borders. When I do, the line just moves up to the previous paragraph, or another one gets added. I unchecked “Merge with next Paragraph”, tried highlighting the entire document and “Setting No Borders” - nothing works.

I’m on Libre version 4.4 on Windows 7.


A few tricks that worked for me:

  • Select the offending paragraph and Clear formatting.

  • Select the offending paragraph (and maybe some above and below) and apply another paragraph style, then apply the original.

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Try selecting all the text of the document and Format - Paragraph - Borders → Set No borders. It worked for me

What worked for me:

  1. Highlight the horizontal bar and the text above it
  2. Right click
  3. Styles
  4. Clear Direct Formatting

and the text above it

This is because the horizontal line is in fact the bottom border of a paragraph. As a border, the line can’t be selected by itself.

The solution to this problem would seem to be for LibreOffice to find a new way to create a horizontal line. Having the horizontal line be the bottom border of the previous paragraph, creates a nightmare. It SOMETIMES works to use “Backspace” to delete the line; it SOMETIMES works to highlight the line and the previous paragraph marker, right click and select “Clear Direct Formatting,” it SOMETIMES works to highlight the line and hit the delete key. But there are many times when none of these work, or when the line just reappears elsewhere. This means that it is impossible to use LibreOffice Writer for a really important document, because a black horizontal line can appear by accident, and then it can never be deleted. It is time to have a simpler, more direct way of creating a horizontal line - forget about trying to make it the border of the preceding paragraph.

Horizontal Line is normally a paragraph style so can’t be cleared by Ctrl+M. There is a tiny paragraph just above it. Just click there, or if you want to be sure (eyesight not so good as when I was younger) select from above to start of next paragraph. Then double-click your normal paragraph style in the Styles sidebar pane, or single click in the Set paragraph style drop down box. Cheers, Al

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