How do you force a formatting change to the entire document?

To get into more specifics here, I am in the process of trying to convert documents into paperback-ready templates through Amazon. It’s been a pain, but for the most part, I’ve gotten it. Here is where I’m running into a seriously annoying problem.

I was noticing that the pages were not all uniform in their length, some had big spaces of white along the bottom. I eventually determined that this was because of a setting in the Format → Paragraph → Text Flow window. After fooling around with it, I finally determined that if unchecked all four of the Options: Do Not Split Paragraph, Keep With Next Paragraph, Orphan Control, and Widow control, it fixed the problem of my paragraphs being forced onto the next page!

Okay, so with that problem out of the way, I then attempted to apply that to the entire document.

However, no matter what I do, when I select the entire document and make those changes…nothing happens. Nothing changes. I go to look at the the Text Flow window again and see that it did NOT save these changes. All of the boxes are checked once more. I can’t even apply the changes to even a much smaller portion of the document.

Why is this happening and how can I get around it? How can I simply force this change to the entire document? I know there must be a way.


Hello @ObsidianExodus,

instead of choosing Format Paragraph, try editing the Style ( Default Style ):

1. Select your paragraphs,
2. Right-click inside the selection and choose "Edit Style...",
3. select the tab "Text Flow" ... 
4. etc.

That worked! Thanks!