How do you get subtotal labels on the 2nd and 3rd subtotals?

Am a new user trying to make subtotals readable. My logic is:
subtotal 1 - using column Agt Type, count the rows add total to Agt Type column
subtotal 2 - using column Agt Type, sum the totals of Fares and add it to the fares column
subtotal 3 - using column Type, count the rows and add total to Type.

Attached are the Excel expample and what I have figured out for Libre. Why aren’t there labels for the subtotals for group 2 and 3? Looking at this report, no one would know what was being subtotaled.

Am having issues with adding these files. If they are not attached please let me know.


To upload files is needed some karma in the site. You can upload the file to specialized site as dropbox.

Find attached a sample of subtotal showing the subtotal labels, the subtotal is already configured.
Menu/Data/Subtotal - Ok.


Here changing to count+sum+count.

Labels are there.
Have you tried resetting the user profiles?, sometimes solve strange issues.

Thank you for answering. I have been doing the Menu/Data/Subtotals and the calculations work. It’s the labels that are missing. Should I be doing anything with the Subtotals_Sample.ods? Trying to do three levels of subtotals - count, sum, count. Could that be part of the problem?

Am running LO 4.0.4. Would that make a difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In case others look for the answer…

If you are trying to Subtotal rows of data you are grouping by there is no Subtotal label.

In MarioSV’s answer (and spreadsheet) Group by “Group” but Count any of the other columns and you’ll get the label.