How do you get the double space function to work

I am running libreoffice 4.1 and I know how I should be able to get the double space to work. I go to the format button, go to paragraph, select double spacing, and hit okay (but it doesn’t do anything to what I’ve written or what I do write). And when I highlite my work and right click into paragraph it says that double space is on.

Format > Paragraph… > Indents & Spacing tab > Line spacing section > select “Double.” If it has no effect it may be due to a conflicting application of direct formatting. In this case pull down the Apply Style toolbar drop-down and select “Clear formatting,” then re-apply the spacing as indicated.

Is there a way to do this with a keyborad shortcut or do you have to go through the menus?

The best method is to create a paragraph style that uses double line spacing and the assign application of this style to a key shortcut. Refer the answer here.

There was an answer to the question of @COKEDUDE in this thread.

A short way to menu items offering additional options of direct formatting is a right click on one of the formatting icons, those for text alignment, e.g. Editing: Feature started with V4.2

In any case following @oweng 's advice is much better than scattering uncontrollable direct formatting all over a document