How do you make an image (jpg) appear in-line

When I insert an image into a Write document, it does not show the image I inserted. Instead, it shows a large box with the word Image in the upper left corner. If I go to Properties/Image, I can see the image that I inserted, so I know it’s there. How do I make it actually show in the document, instead of just showing a placeholder?

This is part of Writer configuration to improve performance when numerous images are present in a document and you don’t really need to see them.

Depending on LO version (which you didn’t mention nor your OS name – this is important because there are differences between versions and platforms), the configuration setting is found in two locations:

  • (always) Tools|Options, LibreOffice Writer|View, Display section, Images & objects check box
  • (since version 7.x) menu View|Images & Charts

Tick the checkbox to display images.