How do you merge sets of data with common subject field in libre office calc spreadsheet

So, I have data that is on separate pages, and they correspond to a list of countries. For example, on page 1, in one set, I have:

country, population

On another page, instead of population, I have countries lined up with obesity instead of population:

country, obesity

country, HDI

country, gdp

country, life expectancy

and I want to merge the data row from each set, to align with the country. e.g. just one view with:
country, population, obesity, HDI, gdp, and life expectancy in sequential columns.

I am sure this is a well known function, but I haven’t found any simple answers. any help appreciated.

Please edit your question to tell if it a database query question or a spreadsheet column selection.

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A bit cleare now. Another question: are the five sets in the same spreadsheet? in several tabs of the same file? in separate files?

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Restructuring your question helped. If it were me, I would use use Vlookup function.

I have done a sample starting on the Population sheet but you could just start on a new sheet and have one more column to look up. For clarity I have labelled the sheets, so starting in cell C3 I enter =VLOOKUP($A2,Obesity.$A$2:$B$6,2,0) . My range has only 5 countries hence the lookup range is small but It looks up the first country in Population sheet and searches for that exact wording in Obesity sheet, when it finds it it looks in the second column of that row and returns what it finds. I have used absolute referencing (cycle through using F4) so copying down still searches in the looked up data range. Named ranges can work better but this is quicker for me. Note that I used 0 in the formula so that the countries don’t have to be in alphabetical order.