How do you open a microsoft word file in libre writer?

Sorry, I thought this would take me to answer already given.I wanted to know if you can open you old word files in Libre writer. I am wondering how hard it is to switch if you have many many files in Word.


I would add two tips:

  • Word used different formats (not always perfectly compatible with each other for that matter) who are themselves different from LibreOffice ODT format. To limit the effects of converting in one go my advice is to open the Word document (FileOpen) , save it in LibreOffice format (FileSave As), then always use this new document.
  • If you have a lot of old files to convert, you can use a wizard to specify the source folder and the target folder for the converted documents: FileWizardsDocument Converter.


Right-click the file and select “Open with…”, and choose LO. If you want it automatic, check the “Make default” option.