How do you plot a graph from a formula ?

I have a formula with a few variables and i want to make a graph

Create data using your formula and plot a chart using the data in Calc (can’t be done in math or draw and in that sense, these tags don’t apply to your question). In other words: There is no way to provide the formula and boundary conditions to some wizard, which creates a plot “under the hood”.

…formula with a few variables…make a graph.

Graphical standard output for a function with two variables would already require a 3D representation somehow projected to 2D. Try wxMaxima (with its inteface to GnuPlot) for requirements of this kind.
A general solution supplied by an Office suite is a pipe-dream.
(One day somebody may create a wonderful interface for LibO making it possible to delegate such tasks to Maxima or a different free software of the kind.)

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