How do you plot time series in calc?

Hello, I would like to plot a time series in libreoffice calc and I am having some issues.

My graphs are always blank when I try to plot my data.

All of my data was exported from C# and powershell from DateTime objects, so the data is in a time format as follows



HH = Hours
MM = Minutes
SS = Seconds
FF = Fractions of a second

Thank you.

Calc can deal with such time values on the x- and y-axis. Nothing special. Create your data array and build your chart

Additional comment: time format is HH:MM:SS.000 Number of 0s are the number of digits.

Additional comment:

It had to do with two things,

  1. Removing erronious characters in data → ’
  2. Formatting of cells in a Time format

After I did this I was able to create graphs without problems.

Calc may have failed to interpret your string HH:MM:SS.FFFF as a time and left it as a string. You can test this by using the function ISNUMBER(). A string will return FALSE.

If this is the case, try this: select your time values and use Data/Text to Columns using the default to change the column type to Standard. There are other ways to convert the string HH:MM:SS.FFFF to a fractional day, but Text to Columns seems easiest.