How do you put bullet points in text boxes?

Struggling to put bullet points in text boxes - how do I do this?

You tagged your question common. Are you really trying to insert bullets in presentation, spreadsheet, drawing and text documents?

Describe what you’re trying to achieve, not how you do it (wrongly) now.

Please fix the tags through editing your question. Mention your OS and LO version. Remove tag get-help (if you’re here, you need help and this tag does not mean anything for contributors, except maybe, that built-in help does not display.

Since your question is rather terse, I’ll comment on a misconception while waiting for further information. My answer will then be updated.

The argument below is valid for Writer only

Newbies frequently use text boxes to insert various “labels” or “titles” which are not part of their main text.

Text boxes are objects useful for creating forms (interactive or not) with a fixed format in a page. These form objects are totally alien to standard text processing and are ignored (except for their wrapping effect) by the formatting engine.

Since they are not part of the base layout process, their capabilities are very very limited. You can put some static text inside and only define font face and size. Absolutely no formatting, such the various ones available in the “main text”, can be applied.

Unless you are creating a form or a data entry screen for some database, you should avoid text boxes.

Update your question to describe what you expect: a bulleted list, a side note associated with a paragraph, a special heading structure (heading in one column, text in a second one), … Help us to find a solution to your cryptic problem.