How do you select a range of cells to contain data input in Libre Calc?

I want to be able to enter data by selecting a range of cells and when I enter my data it will stay within that selection range. There was a way in Microsoft Excel where you could create a table and whenever you would enter data it would be contained in that table. I’m currently working on a spreadsheet that has the first 2 columns for entering data and then the next columns performing VLOOKUPS on a seperate sheet. I want to be able to enter my data on the first 2 columns & row and then move down to the next row and enter data in the 2nd column & row until I reach the end of my selection range. Is there any way to do this in Libreoffice?

Just select the cell range and use Tab to complete the entry and move right (it wraps to the next row when in the last selected column), instead of Enter and move down.