How do you set the scaling factor for images?

Up to version, you could scale images in Draw by right-clicking the image and selecting “Crop Picture…”. A dialog would appear (like the "Position and Size dialog) that included the image scaling (Width and Height) so images could be consistently scaled by a specified percentage, e.g. 50%.
In version, right-clicking and selecting “Crop Image” goes straight to the visual cropping, and Position and Size has no option for scaling. I’m having to work out the current scaling manually for existing images, and also the new size based on a scale factor. This is really slow and painful. Has the scaling factor gone somewhere else or has it been removed?
Version, EN-GB, Draw, Mac OS 10.10.2 English (UK)

Worked it out. Right-click->Crop Image is not the same as the menu Format->Crop Image. The latter now does what I want.