How do you start a nested list on the same line as the parent list item?

That’s ridiculous.

Thank you for your response encouraging to continue answering questions and trying to help.

What? [filler text so this comment is long enough to post]

@lomacar, I think you irony detector is out of order. Try to fix it. And in case you still do not understand it, your “that’s ridiculous” comment was a ridiculous comment: this is a user to user site, if you want a new feature, ask for it. But please, be polite.

Really so. No one is bound by any contract to answer. Even when he has candidly and clearly stated that there is no such option, it is a valuable piece of information. I need to thank him than ridiculing. I agree with RGB-es.

Wow. Why would anybody think I was ridiculing them when I say “that’s ridiculous”, I didn’t say “you’re ridiculous”. It is ridiculous that LO would not be able to do such a commonly needed thing. I guess I should have said “That’s ridiculous. Thanks for you answer.” I would have expected a reply of “Yeah, I know, sorry.” Not for somebody to take it personally.

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P sure the OP was already blessed with the knowledge of “there’s no such option”. That’s kind of the entire foundation for creating a new topic in the first place. Simply repeating that and offering nothing of substance is not valuable at all, a waste of time and resources, rude, and so on. :grin:

Indeed. Especially in response to a five year old topic.

Others seem to disagree. And so - your statement is “not valuable at all, a waste of time and resources, rude, and so on”.

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See Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - [Tutorial] "In-line" or "run-in" headings - (View topic) for another way to have a heading at the start of a paragraph.