How do you strip whitespaces between words or parts of words?

Build ID: bc356b2f991740509f321d70e4512a6a54c5f243
OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks)

When importing a searchable PDF, there are often whitespaces between words, interjected within a word or in other inappropriate places. I understand that the pre-cursing OCR process may have created them when isolating text into PDF text boxes … these are visible when clicked on. My question is how does one strip these unwanted whitespaces efficiently … moving the text box containing the remaining part of the word, or next word to where it ought to be, or cutting and pasting is such a pain. I’d like to automate the clean-up process somehow.

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No guarantee for success, but you can try to search the white spaces and replace with no white spaces. The search and replace function of Writer can work with formats.

Otherwise, you could try to copy a paragraph and paste special as unformatted text.