How do you use .diff files?

For LibreOffice Calc v6.1 Windows

When making a style, I can’t change color palette for the background color of cells. I looked online for solutions and I found a patch by Jim Raykowski that would supposedly fix this but I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a .diff file from here

What should I do?

You should wait for 6.2, where it’s implemented in tdf#105225 (see comment 66 there).

I don’t really have any other option unless given? Is there a estimated date on 6.2? having this ability right now would be essential so if it’s in another year, what for?

Actually, if you really want to build your own LO, you are welcome to do that. Then first, you need to get your initial build running - see here for instructions. Then, you’d better not use that patch you found, but get the patch that fixed the problem in 6.2 - see the bug I pointed to, and find there the commit notification. Then you’d need to backport it to the 6.1 branch… and either stick to that build upon success, or reapply it to every following micro release of 6.1 branch.

But well - you may as well just download 6.2 RC2 already available from download page in pre-releases section in the bottom…

Oh I didn’t know. Week 5 isn’t bad at all. Thank you for this!

Just saw you edit your comment and I think I’m alright with waiting.