How does Mail Merge in LibreOffice compare to Mail Merge in MS-Office?

In Microsoft office which I understand LibreOffice is trying to emulate, you can go to the mail merge feature and choose labels only. You pick the size of your label and then browse until you find the file you want to use to merge your labels with. I use Excel spreadsheets to store names and addresses of various groups. This seems to be a pretty understandable process to me but I’ve use it a long time.

In LibreOffice, this feature doesn’t exist in the same location as mail merge. You have to go to File/New/Labels and then somehow create a data base from an Excel file and give it a permanent title. It can be done because I did it but at this point couldn’t repeat it easily. I cannot make the transition to printing only labels in that the question is asked: Do you want to print a form letter? Yes/No If you say no which is true, you only get one page of labels merged (and I should have had 7). If you say yes, the print file is one page of labels, one blank sheet of paper, one page of labels, one blank sheet of paper and so on. I had to set my paper tray accordingly to make this work - but this is ridiculous! I feel a little duped in that I was sold on the idea that this program so mimicked Word I would not be able to tell the difference. Guess I’ve used Word too long for that to be true.

LO is a replacement for MSO not a clone of MSO - they don’t work the same. writer guide chapter 11 contains a lot on mail merge, form letters and mail labels