How does one insert a data field into a drawing (Draw)

Normally, you can press ‘F4’ to access the ‘Data Sources’ preview pane. I press F4 in the Draw component and nothing happens. So, if I have a database of my employees registered, and I wanted to create an organizational chart of the company, how do I easily add these fields in from my database? I CAN open a LibreOffice Writer document and then press F4 and then drag the fields in, but shouldn’t it be easier and just as accessible from the Draw application?

If there isn’t an easier/more accessible way, where do I go to make a feature suggestion?



Got it!

‘F4’ was simply assigned to another function, ‘Position and Size’, which would only produce a dialog box if an object was selected. When I tried pressing ‘F4’, I did not have an object selected and, therefore, did not receive any feed back.
I jumped to the wrong conclusion that pressing F4 did nothing…whoops!

Anyway, going into ‘Tools’->‘Customize’ and then clicking the ‘Keyboard’ tab, I reassigned the ‘F4’ function key to ‘Data Sources’ listed under the ‘View’ category. Be sure to click ‘Save’ to save your changes and make it permanent.

Hope this helps someone else!

Good luck!


Another option is to use the drawing functions within a standard Writer document…?