How does one open the boxes for Answers and Views?

I’ve asked my question and I see that I have one “view”. How does one open it to see what the view (or answer!) is? Thank you.

@shari: In the future, please do not mark the community wiki checkbox. See guidelines for asking.


Views simply means how many have looked at the question.

To see any Answers or comments just double click on the question or right click & open in new tab. Of course this is a not intelligent comment since if you don’t know it you will never see this answer! Another similar question will get you the answer in the form of a question!

Also, if there were a comment or answer, you would have a notification. This is shown by a red envelope just to the right of your user name. You can click on the envelope to take you directly to the notifications section of your user profile. There you can clear what you want.

P.S. The boxes you refer to are just indicators of “how many” answers or views.