How does one remove & then reapply write protection?

I recently downloaded the 5.4 writer guide. Apparently my liberation serif font has been corrupted making the document barely legible. I revised all data except the table of contents to liberation sans narrow. The TOC is write protected & the documentation shows how to create a protected section but not how revise the write protection. I suppose I could try to download the troubled font but fear that will not solve the problem. Besides, I am partial to LSN. Thank you for any help you can provide. ken

The TOC is read-only because it is an internally generated block. All its paragraphs are made from selected original text and added information (page number and leader). Consequently you can’t apply direct formatting as is implied by short description.

The correct way to change the TOC, and more generally to customise the TOC, is to modify paragraph styles Contents 1 to Contents 10. These styles are associated with the corresponding Heading x paragraph styles. Heading x designates the chapter/subchapter level which is formatted with Contents x in the TOC.

As a first option, you can modify individually all Contents x.

A better option makes profit of style inheritance rules: all Contents x derive from Index. Just change Font in Index to the one of your choice.

Since your original concern was to switch globally from one font face to another, you can also change it in Default Style and it will propagate to all styles unless there is an override somewhere down in the hierarchy.

This kind of style craftmanship is highly preferable to direct formatting as you seem to have done.

The style directory is accessed with F11 and right-click on a name.

EDIT 180320 Numbering list issue

Bullets/numbers are a bit more complex. What you see as a list is a combination of a paragraph style to format item text and a so-called “list” style dealing with the appearance of the bullet/number.

To know which “list” style was used, go to the Outline & Numbering tab of the paragraph style. The “list” style is defined by the drop-down menu Numbering style. Note the name.

Open the corresponding list style (fifth icon in the F11 style pane toolbar). Go to the Customize tab and see which Character style is used to format the bullets/numbers. If set to None, bullets/numbers will use paragraph font. Otherwise, you’ll have to adjust the chosen character style.

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Just for completeness: the protection of the ToC is applied/removed in the index properties dialog (right-click->Edit index; Type tab, [x] Protect against manual changes).

Thank you very much. I can read the TOC. Using the F11 got me to change a lot of font defaults. Unfortunately it failed to correct a numbered list issue which I outlined here or in a bug report. Basically the numbers in a numbered list fail to retain the font of the text which follows. thanks again. ken

See my edit about lists.