How does the "always save version when closing" under File -> Versions work?

I just discovered the versioning feature of LibreOffice, and it sounds amazing. I love the idea of persistent (and trackable) document versions, which is one of the few advantages I see in Google Docs that LO doesn’t have.

What I’d like to know is how the auto-versioning option under the Versions dialog box works. The Help page it sends me to when I click on the “Help” button gave me an answer, but when I made changes to my Writer document and closed without saving like it recommends, a new version was not created.

That might be a misunderstanding.

Try as follows:

(1) Create some versions [‘Always save a version on closing’ enabled].

(2) Now add a new paragraph, save the document manually (button ‘Save’), and then close the document.

(3) Open the document, add again a new paragraph, save the document manually (button ‘Save’), and then close the document.

(4) Open the document.

(5) Open the last version (File > Version > [select last version] > Open).
The last saved version has been before step (2).

Statement in ‘Help’:
“If you save the document manually, do not change the document after saving, and then close, no new version will be created.”

To create an additional version: Don’t save manually as last step before closing. ‘Close’, and then ‘Save’ will always create a new Automatically saved version.

@TJMeneses: Clarified?

Hold on. I’ll try to do this when I have the time. Thanks for the comprehensive solution, though!

YES! I finally got it to work. But honestly, in my opinion, that is the farthest thing from “automatic” that I would think of. It’s grossly unintuitive. At the very least, the Help page should reflect precisely your last paragraph. Anyway, thanks for helping me out.

This is a nice feature. I looked in the options to find if I could apply the “always save a version on closing” to all future documents I created. To turn it on by default, so I don’t have to set the option every time I create a new document. However, I didn’t see that in the options yet. Thank you.

Maybe more comfortable: How do I set a keyboard shortcut to saving a version?