How easy are LO spreadsheets easy to use...anything like EXCEL?

Spreadsheets and documents are the most important to me. I’m hoping that LO’s will be similar enough for me to start right away. Can the templates be downloaded and completed and reused on my computer or do I have to be online to use them?
Office 365 is a terrible substitute, I hope yours will work for me!


LibreOffice is a competitor of EXCEL. It is very similar, most functions are the same, you can import EXCEL spreadsheets and they work, for the most part. There are some differences in function names and even in uses, but if you can use EXCEL, picking up on LibreOffice will be quick ans simple.

  1. Download.
  2. Install.
  3. Try.

That’s the only way to answer your question.

Try a Portable version (on Windows) then you not need even to install it - just unpack, and copy into the target directory…

Very good advice.