How enthusiastic are the LibreOffice developers if I ask for new features?

Hello, I have been using ole Microsoft office 97 and I managed to get it to do something rather unusual (and cool). Because of its visual basic underpinnings, I was able to add a 3rd party timer control (search for, and this allowed me to execute code continually which enabled me to animate the objects on the slide - I can now make my motor and my planetary gearbox rotate (consists of star shapes) or cause the colours of shapes to change over time, etc. The original reason i got it was I thought perhaps i can dual-cpu my cpu intensive macros (havnt tried yet).

Note that there are a few issues that i have not resolved yet:

  • Each time a change is made the presentation window has to redraw so there is some flashing of the presentation (flashing is worse with transparency and fill effects; If I make the change on the next slide and then switch to it I should be able to avoid flashing; I have not checked to see if screen recording software can see the flashing. The slide editing window flashes in a different way),

  • There is an undo-queue issue (modifications on a slide are all remembered as one step - and the animation grinds to a halt (literally). But if I go to the next slide, it starts a new undo step, which will eventually cause it to clear the first ones as fresh steps are added).

Will you consider doing something similar in LibreOffice? I forsee at least two basic changes first: please enable the ability to modify the slide while the presentation is running (with no flash please). And i need a larger workspace to allow large groups of objects to move off/onto the slide (power point 97 has a huge workspace, i can place objects (all except drawing lines) far from the slide - which is convenient for many other reasons too).

If you want to test it:
you first need to add the new control to VB via the VB editor menu. A clock appears on the VB toolbox. Place the control beside the first slide, and add command buttons on the slide to start and stop the timer. I recommend you have the timer increment the adjustment of an arrow arc (on slide 1), and the shape will auto reset itself once it reaches 360 degrees, This allows you to reference everything to a cycle. You shouldn’t reference the animation to the slide show time because sometimes that count stops (going through the slides in reverse and for some other reason). Then you do a select case to determine which slide the presenter is on, and modify the shapes on that particular slide.

As for interaction with the animation you can add checkboxes, command buttons (to set a string), and you can check to see if the user has moved the mouse to make the mouse cursor visable (ie, to trigger reverse, or to make the animation do a different task with the same shapes). The presenter does not tell if the normal power point animations have been triggered or not (only the current slide that is shown), animation of objects yet to appear with a “normal” animation will still cause the flash but you cannot see anything move until the timer-animated object is made to appear.


“How enthusiastic are the LibreOffice developers if I ask for new features?”
I assume not very much. And I feel sure no developer will read this long text here. Feature requests are treated the same way as bug reports for LibO. This is the proper site. If you decide to go there please consider: One request one feature. Precise but also concise description. Much patience needed. There are so many reports and so few developers. And prioritary tasks .

@Lupp: so what’s the news I heard LO got 1000 more devs ?

@rautamiekka: You among them?

@Lupp: I would if I could.

… I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail…

One method of running a macro from a timer is to start shell command that incorporates a delay and then calls soffice to run a named macro.

I used this method to run auto save of files that have been modified,

Accuracy of timing is probably not good enough to smoothly update graphics.

The calling of a macro with this method seemed to work while Basic is already running an existing macro, but not sure if this is really going to work for concurrent threading. Also if a user dialog is open the timer called macro will be delayed until the dialog is closed, only events seem to run when a user dialog is running. So far I’ve only experimented with this in Basic.

I guess if they’re not bothered fixing autosave then why do more complicated things like this? Perhaps its like the IZarc takeover, to urge ppl to buy SW. Userforms do freeze everything (not sure if improved since '97), but here the pushbuttons and timer are placed on the slide and the buttons are clickable when you start the presentation- they de/activate the timer, same u do in the VB6 environment (its not “macro in macro”). The VB editor titlebar flashes [running] during the presentation

With that save issue, I should ask if openoffice has the same problem, perhaps the libreoffice people are the wrong people to ask if you want fixes (libreoffice comes from openoffice).

@digitallyhere: As mentioned by @Lupp in comment to your question, This is the proper site for enhancement requests for LibreOffice. The Ask site is for questions on how to use LibreOffice and we might be able to find ways to achieve what you want or work around problems without waiting for the developers to implement new features. The basis of the autosave macro came from the OpenOffice forum, I showed a method a repeating timed save using shell.